With escalating costs and advancements in technology, the complexities of your Facility Management program can be challenging. 

A strategic approach to the built environment is essential in today's business landscape. 

Transform Your Facility Management Program from Cost Center to Value Center: Aligned with your mission, IFMC LLC has created a proven model derived from decades of experience to meet your evolving needs. The customized process evaluates the unique scope of your program, identifies any gaps, and then translates this into an action-oriented plan. Ultimately, performance is enhanced by streamlining communication from the boiler room to the board room.

This approach results in positive outcomes to the Triple Bottom Line, with measurable impacts to Social, Environmental, and Economic resources. The tangible benefits include: reduced operating costs, anticipated capital costs, equipment that lasts longer, energy savings, reduced carbon footprint, empowered personnel, enhanced safety, reduced risk, reliable building systems, and a facility management program that exudes service excellence.


"When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change."

– Cameron Sinclair


Finance & Administration

  • Capital Budget Planning: life cycle forecasting in alignment with the mission that is data-driven to measure outcomes and minimize costly downtime.

  • Operating Budget Development: a detailed operating budget that serves as an action plan; organizing cost data so it can be benchmarked against similar organizations and/or comparable buildings.

  • Team Building: empowering your facilities team with workshops and industry training to enhance their knowledge base; communicating effectively with key stakeholders.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance Program Design: a proactive approach to maintenance that extends the life cycle of assets and reduces failures.

  • Best Practices in Operations: methods to elevate building performance and reduce operating costs; leveraging analytics to measure performance and justify improvements.

  • Facility Audit: a condition assessment to determine the baseline condition of your building systems, including prioritized cost estimates for asset renewal.

Sustainability & Energy Conservation

  • Sustainability Planning: efficient practices to save money, reduce energy consumption, and lower carbon footprint.

Risk Assessment & Prevention

  • Business Continuity Planning: a process to identify hazards in your built environment with the potential to interrupt operations; developing corresponding plans to prevent, mitigate, and respond.

Project Advisory & Support

  • Project Support: the ability to contribute decades of project management experience to solve complex issues and support implementation; knowing what questions to ask subject matter experts to attain the desired outcome.

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About Tony Kaufmann, President

My expertise & versatility has been developed by wearing a variety of hats in dynamic environments, while consistently pursuing formal training. Ranging from 19th century historic landmarks to LEED certified new construction, I have over 20 years of experience with building and managing a diverse portfolio of facility assets. Examples include:

Fortune 500 companies, data centers, growing tech start-ups, award-winning performing arts centers, private education institutions, a major philanthropic foundation, and some of the top libraries in the nation. I have also been trusted in providing security detail for World leaders (in collaboration with the U.S. Secret Service), maintaining a constant ambient environment for rare artifacts (including the original Louisiana Purchase); reducing the energy costs of a historic landmark by 30%, and achieving 100% uptime at a tier 4 data center.

In addition to an MBA in Strategic Management, I am in the process of becoming an IFMA Certified Facility Manager; I have also completed the Systems Maintenance Technician, Systems Maintenance Administrator, and Facilities Management Administrator Certifications from the Building Owners and Managers Institute. Additional technical training includes: an Engineering Certification from the University Of Wisconsin, and a CFC Refrigeration Certificate.

I received the Stephen B. Jameson Leadership Award from Regis University, the Volunteer of the Year at Bayaud Enterprises, and served a six-year term as an elected Community Trustee. I currently serve on a nationally recognized non-profit social enterprise Board of Directors.

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